Recent Upgrades:
Our snack and beverage machines are equipped with communication devices that, every 4 hours, inform us of each item sold and the number of sales.  We have invested in these telemetry devices to enable us to better and more efficiently respond to your needs.
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Our equipment:
The Vending Machine Guy offers a varied catalogue of vending machines for snacks, hot and cold beverages, refrigerator equipment, and speciality solutions. All are designed by leading manufacturers such as Crane Merchandising Systems, National Vendors, Dixie Narco, Automatic Products, Royal Vendors, and Sanden Vendo.

Payment Solutions:
In addition to cash options, many of our machines are equipped with cashless payment systems which accept credit and debit cards, university or corporate ID cards, and/or pay-by-phone through near field communications.
Specialty Solutions:

Through partnership with innovative vending machine manufacturers we also have the ability to provide a variety of specialty vending machines. For example: Ice cream and frozen food machines, Built-in Microwave (heats frozen items before dispensing), and Hot French Fries Machines.